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Crowd-funding in India

Crowd-funding in India


Internet has never ceased to surprise and excite businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors. Up till now, everybody knew that the internet was a major force to promote and sell products and services, but nobody had even the slightest bit of the idea that the internet could also play a crucial role in establishing new businesses and bringing new entrepreneurs to the industry. The good news is that this is very much possible now in India with the latest and revolutionary way to fund your existing or new business. This revolutionary approach is called crowd-funding. The best part is that one of the most reliable companies is exclusively bringing crowd-funding to India. So, if you have an idea, and you truly want to convert it into real profits and achieve a mind-blowing success, all you need is India’s crowd-funding platform with incubator support; PikAVenture. Let’s try to understand crowd-funding somewhat in more detail.

What exactly is crowd-funding?


Crowd-funding is a powerful way to raise large amounts of money to sustain an existing business or to start a new venture. What makes crowd-funding different from other options of arranging funds for your business is that here you will be taking funds from people who trust you and who believe in your ideas. So, basically, in crowd-funding other users of a crowd-funding platform would help you raise the required capital in the shortest possible time. All you have to do is to convince them that your idea is worthy. Actually, there are lots of industries that can take advantage of crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding in India. These industries include, but not limited to, product or service based industries, political campaigns, scientific researches, potential artists, creative innovations, or even individuals who have terrific ideas, yet unable to finance those ideas to implement. Now, PikAVenture has provided them an effective solution by taking care of all their funding needs in India.

Gone are the days when you had to depend on your family or friends, to fund your projects, and not to mention the embarrassing situations that you had to face numerous times. If you think that who else would help you if not your family and friends, then here is an eye-opener for you. With the arrival of crowd-sourcing in India, you can get help from strangers who believe in your ideologies.In fact, this is the best way around to fund any of your projects.

Why should you choosePikAVenture for Crowd-funding in India?


Since PikAVenture was founded byStanford graduates, you can be sure of the reliability and outstanding functionality of this amazing platform. There are a number of advantages of funding your project by using Crowd-funding in India with PikAVenture. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent advantages.

Freedom from banks: These are times when it is quite hard to get loans from banking institutions and other lending services. This is especially true for small businesses or individuals who are looking to kick-start their businesses. It’s too hard to convince the banks of your creative idea as they just looking for risk-free profits. Besides, banks usually have many big-shot customers who are providing them enough return on their investment, so they are usually not ready to risk their money on new ventures. On the other hand, when you use Crowd-funding in India with PikAVenture, you can easily say good-bye to all these troubles and fund your project efficiently.

Unparalleled publicity: When you use Crowd-funding to finance your start-up or existing business, this precisely means that your business would be exposed to millions of users and investors all over India. This is the perfect way to attain mind-blowing publicity of your business even before starting it.

Confirmation that your ideas are worth investing: It happens so many times that a business starts with a wrong idea, and this thing usually costs a lot of money to any start-up entrepreneur. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to present your ideas before the general public, and know the pulse of your users. If they fund you, then that simply means that your ideas have the potential of earning you a lot of money. This is, in fact, the most sensible type of investment available anywhere in the world, and with the help of PikAVenture, you can accomplish the same objectives in India.

Steve Jobs : Secrets of Life and Entrepreneurship

Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur, a 60-minute film. This enlightening one hour program stars Steve Jobs from an exclusive 1994, unscripted interview where he gives advice to potential entrepreneurs. Jobs discusses risk, failure, his own experiences, and learning the value of creating your own environment. This program was filmed over a 20 year period (1992 — 2012) by the Silicon Valley Historical Association.

We hope more entrepreneurs in India will learn from this video and stretch their vision in life! PikAVenture is here to support young entrepreneurs of India!

PikAVenture india’s crowd-funding website on

PikAVenture india’s crowd-funding website on

Hugh’s post on Entrepreneurship

PikAVenture promotes Entrepreneurship and innovation, we invite all young Indian entrepreneurs and artists to wake up and live the dream, we are here to support you!

Big Money in E-commerce start-ups in India by crowd-funding

PikAVenture Empowering Entrepreneurship and Innovation in India

E-commerce in India is slowly coming of age, offering hope to an increasing number of start-ups that are being unleashed upon the Indian consumer with a relentless pace. After the flop starts in 2001-2001, when there was a dot-com big bang followed by a bigger bust, many of the next round of e-commerce platforms that were set up in the middle of the first decade of this millennium have now grown strong roots and will soon start sprouting fruit.

Big money is being rolled out because profits have indeed begun to show up! In this environment, Subrata Mitra, partner at Accel (and on the board of top Indian e-commerce companies Flipkart and Myntra) feels that on the average companies may take up to five years to show profits – which is not a bad deal at all, given the fact that start-ups launched a few years ago took up to a decade (Amazon took 7 years) to reach the profitability level.

To encourage entrepreneurs, the government has set aside Rs 10,000 crore for start-ups interested in creation of apps for mobile phones, tablets and other electronic hardware. Venture Capital firms have also been investing steadily, with over 100 deals worth $363 million in India concluded during the first six months of this year. These deals included Russian VC firm ru-Net Holdings investing $9 million in Sequoia Capital-backed online apparel brand Freecultr and $8 million in online shoe retailer BeStylish. Other online services firms that raised funding recently include ethnic wear e-tailer and online taxi aggregator Olacabs.

E-commerce is already setting strong footing in India with successes of and, which are already attracting repeat customers and increasing sales revenues Their success has lead an early promise and enabling Indian e-commerce sector to proliferate by emergence of new players like (offering deals on branded products); (offers various popular brands, especially of clothing products); (web store with a vast collection of branded clothes and products; and, (which is an online shopping destination for brands related to jewellery, fragrances, apparel, accessories, home decor items and home appliances).

Overall, the mood is very positive in India now as the basics are slowly coming together, while Infrastructure matters like capital investment, payments, and logistics remain as matters of concern and therefore need some improvement. Pik A Venture identifies this as an opportunity and encourages innovative ideas and products that are interested in developing e-commerce suits and solutions for making online experience of customers a safer and an easy to use experience. Pik A Venture lays special focus on developing new, creative e-commerce offerings and is committed to make e-commerce a success in India. For entrepreneurs with a long term perspective this definitely is the time to seize the moment and step into ecommerce in the busy Indian online marketplace.

The enterprise of entrepreneurs!

 The world economic environment is going through a transformation, United Nations report over the last decade GDP per capita of developing world has grown at three times faster rate than that of the developed world. As per World Bank, by 2020 emerging economies are forecasted to have more than 50% share of the word GDP. As China and India are leading the pack for this shift in economic balance, the global wealth is rapidly moving Eastwardly. Given the growing importance of money as a measure of wealth – especially in a developing country like India where the burgeoning middle class is shining through an accelerated growth in prosperity – it’s always a tantalising thought to find ways to generate more of it. By 2020 India is projected to grow its GDP per person by 150%; whereas by middle of the current decade, Indian healthcare industry is expected to grow at 17% (given India only holds only <1% of global medical technology market), it is more than evident that India has just about begun to savour the good life. The prospering Indian middle class is keen to find ways for generating more money than even the best-paid jobs can offer. Gone are the days when bright kids ended up in hospitals as doctors or became engineers or joined the Indian Administrative Service. The smart ones nowadays are into business – whether it’s inherited or a ‘start-up’ — where there is literally no limit to earnings and also the chance to be one’s own boss, with enough time (supposedly) to do what one pleases with it.

The Indian economy has witnessed a surge in entrepreneurship ever since the big stock market boom in the mid-90s when masses of people turn to the stock market to become investors. It was around then that businesses started by first-timers, referred to as ‘start-ups’, became common. The start-ups became a common norm in the advertising and marketing industries, as well as in other industries such as the travel, hotel and aviation industries.

As more and more private companies came into being, the biggest entrepreneur that emerged was undoubtedly Dhirubhai Ambani, who showed everyone living in this country that it was possible to build a business empire to rival the world’s biggest — out of nothing. The burst of entrepreneurship further bloomed with the dotcom boom, from the late 1990s to 2000. Several success stories were created then with an ease and pace that could never have been thought of before eg a tech start up Paymate, a mobile payment company which opened new avenues for e-commerce

The flourishing entrepreneurial ventures came from all sectors and were not only limited to technology industry. A fast-food chain Hot Millions created raves in Chandigarh before McDonalds came calling children, youth and families alike. Passion for adventure sports and personal hobbies turned into successful businesses like river rafting in Rishikesh or scuba diving in Bangalore (Planet Scuba India). Explore TV, a free air 24×7 travel channel came through by bringing together innovation and pleasure whereas personal creativity in field of journalism gave India Man’s World, a monthly magazine and BrandSmith, a movie production house which made last year’s surprise hit “Saheb, Biwi and Gangster”. Bringing creativity to new heights, Rashi Bansal  a great home-grown motivator for entrepreneurs, created a youth magazine called Just Another Magazine before turning into India’s top bestseller with Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots, I Have a Dream and Poor Little Rich Slum.

But while there are many success stories, they still remain a privileged few Indians, there are still many in different corners of India who in spite of having talent, vigour and perseverance lack resources and relevant capital to turn their dreams into a reality.

 “I would say raising capital is one of the weakest things for most entrepreneurs,”

says Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad,

“PIK A VENTURE” attempts to bring power of people to empower entrepreneurship and provide impetus to all unrealised dreams of individuals, by helping them raise capital. It brings concept of democracy to field of Venture Capital through crowd funding, where fund is raised “by the people for the people”

PIK A VENTURE provides Silicon Valley expertise and aim to bring entrepreneurial revolution in India by providing creative minds, budding artists, technical brains, entrepreneurs and innovators alike a common medium to get financial backing and encourage them to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Mahatma Gandhi said: “Find a purpose and the means will follow”. (Success or failure? — you will never know till you dare!)